Our platform is committed to the updating and dissemination of content on the internet, and our work as a measure depends on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , YouTube, Whatsapp and Telegram, and many others.

Published on: 8/28/19, 6:02 PM

Our company due to the type of business we manage depends largely on the traffic generated by our customers or users , which is why it is very important to have a deep knowledge about all the content that is published, almost all this traffic is generated through social networks , such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram , these represent 90% of it , while the profits are generated through advertising sponsors.

Published on: 8/28/19, 5:39 PM

Here we show and define the most used terms in our platform, for the knowledge of all our users.

Published on: 8/28/19, 5:36 PM