Prohibited content

Our company due to the type of business we manage depends largely on the traffic generated by our customers or users , which is why it is very important to have a deep knowledge about all the content that is published, almost all this traffic is generated through social networks , such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram , these represent 90% of it , while the profits are generated through advertising sponsors.

For security measures both social networks and advertising sponsors control and penalize all content that does not strictly adhere to their content violation policies and when this happens it means the cancellation of the contract , the penalty or blocking of all our domains or job portals and the loss of all profits generated in that period .

For all these reasons, it is strictly forbidden to share or publish any content that does not comply with the guidelines and rules that we present below with practical examples, the user who commits any of these violations will be permanently expelled from all our platforms as well as the user who referred . That is why it is vitally important that every time a new user is referred to, it is very important that the user who refers him or her explain the need to read this document carefully before starting work .

About prohibited content

All content that damages or lacerates the psychological and emotional integrity of any individual or person is considered prohibited content and is therefore penalized. All these policies may be subject to change at any time that the sponsor deems appropriate and without prior notice , so we encourage users to check this page frequently to check if any modification has been incorporated .

Published on: 8/28/19, 5:39 PM