Below we present a list of frequently asked questions made by the users of our platform in order to clarify as soon as possible any existing doubt, we work continuously in order to improve our platform that is why we take into account the opinion of our users or associates.

What do we do and how do we do it?

Our associates perform a very rigorous task to collect information from the Internet . A large part of our work is focused on carefully selecting the information we share, so that it brings some kind of knowledge to the user. The content of our information ranges from informative news, virals, jokes, remedies, recipes, videos, amazing things and much more . Specifically, our work is based on generating shortened URLs , from the original URLs of the content we collect. These shortened URLs in our system generate profits through advertisingThe content that passes through us is authentic, and is previously approved by our work team, which has several algorithms to detect fraudulent or deceptive content.

How to communicate a question to our team?

It is a fundamental pillar of our platform is to maintain close communication with your associates that is why it is very important for us to have knowledge of your doubts or concerns and for this we offer the possibility of communicating with our team and in a period of 72 hours our team will answer your question, if a general question will be added to this section of frequently asked questions.

Who is the sponsor or sponsor of our platform?

Our main advertising sponsor is MGID, through this online network product we generate our profits, since it is responsible for placing advertising ads in our publications, thus allowing our platform to generate revenue from said advertising.

How often do you update earnings?

The earnings are updated in real time, with the possibility that our sponsor can deduct any income generated from invalid clicks or invalid visits.

What are invalid visits or clicks?

Clicks or visits to all those clicks or visits made by their own creators, also when means are used to artificially increase the number of clicks, including any type of manual method. As well as all the traffic generated from exhorting friends or family to click on our publications.